“A Gesture of the Poem’s Behalf” – Part 5

Nov 2, 2016 | Opera Mom

Knowing ahead of time that certain performances will change your life is a bit daunting. Daunting because it can be difficult to remain present in the moment. Ego wants to take over and “make it perfect” or “prove I’m worth this amazing moment in time”. These recitals with Ricky were defining moments for me as an artist. To work with such an idol of mine, an accomplished and thoughtful composer, a generous spirit and expressive musician. Putting aside my fears of failure to stay present in the moment with the music and text, with Ricky at the piano and with the audience was the only way to fully experience such an incredible opportunity.

Before the recitals, we took a moment of meditation and connection before performing. Both performances were moving, the second of the two more open and relaxed. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more fulfilling, surreal and cathartic weekend. Also, I have to say I will NEVER forget my favorite quote of the weekend. After rehearsing “Run Away”, Ricky laughed from the piano, smile beaming throughout the room and exclaimed, “Carrie! You sang S*#! outta that song!” Never did a compliment make my heart well up as that!

To sing with one you’ve idolized and admired for so long, only to find out that all the emotions that leapt off the song book page into your heart were all truths told by this creative human form simply speaking his truth through art. Ricky, thank you sharing with us your truths, so that we all may have a glimmer of hope into finding our own. I couldn’t be more grateful!




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