Dear Resistance….

Jul 28, 2022 | Opera Mom

As I share more of my writing and this wild idea of a one woman show about me begins to take baby steps toward a shape, a focus and a purpose, my deep-seated resistance comes up. My mind wants to wander. My stomach churns at the thought of writing and I find distractions. Vampires of self doubt and imposter syndrome are coming in HOT! In order to finish the scene I intent to share with the Spark File community on Saturday, I needed to address this first.
Here’s a little letter to Resistance, it’s time we part ways.:

Dear Resistance, I see you. Thank you for trying to keep me from making a fool out of myself, but I feel I’ve got this!
As I embark on new endeavors with new creative risks and vulnerability, you are present with a, “Instead of writing that hard scene, that’s probably going to be terrible, you should definitely cook for the week!” or “Gosh that floor needs to be cleaned before students come tomorrow, and the writing can wait” and even a “here’s an undeniable ear worm to keep you company..that quiet mind might cause a scary breakthrough.”
Dear Resistance, I intend to leave you at every possible turn. I will name you and ask, “How do I TRULY want to spend my time?” and proceed with deliberate intent. Cry Baby Carrie doesn’t need the protection anymore, she can take it from here. She’s all grown and her immense vulnerability is her strength, it always has been, and damn does she have a supportive crew in her corner!
So I bless and release you. If you choose to stay, you may, and we may even have cocktails now and then, but don’t expect the spotlight. I’ve got lights to shine elsewhere.
Now it’s time to go into my garage. Record. Write. Scream. Cry. Editing and polishing is NOT for today. For now, t’s time to simply get it done. Then allow time to nap, take a walk and let it all settle in.
Resistance, good luck in your retirement!


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