Edward Ortiz Interview

Apr 11, 2012 | Opera Mom

Edward Ortiz interviewed me about singing in the “English Grandeur” concert with the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra this April 14th. We, of course, talked about the deep meaning of the Vaughn Williams piece on which I am soloist, “A Song of Thanksgiving”.

Vaughn Williams wrote this at the end of WWII, originally meant to be broadcast over the radio. It is filled with triumphant horns, a single, solitary soprano solo echoing the fanfare with hope and joy. Then the full chorus enters, along with a speaker with words to encourage the healing to begin. The children’s chorus enters toward the end proclaiming their duty to also lend their head, hearts and hands as participants in the rebuilding. This sentiment is incredibly moving, the young children taking on the task to help a nation, a world heal from the wounds of war.

This is what we began to talk about, and then Mr. Ortiz mentioned that he knew my daughter, Ella, would be in the Sacramento Children’s Chorus that would be singing. It will be our first time on stage together, which is moving for me, and then to add the unbelievable depth of this piece adds yet another layer of emotion. The question came up of how is it to be the proud mother at the same time that I will be performing. I think that moms may agree, we feel that we are achieving all the things that our children are as they grow into their own individual beings.

I feel honored and will truly be singing “A Song of Thanksgiving” for having the opportunity to share the stage with my sweet, insightful, courageous daughter, Ella!


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