Aug 27, 2011 | Opera Mom

This week was filled with making lunches, checking homework and strict bed times. School has begun which means a couple of things:

1. I have more quiet time to do practice, make phone calls and have meetings to help propel my singing career
2. I have less time to actually do these things

Doesn’t sound right, does it. Well, I do have a chunk of quiet time while the kids are at school to exercise, practice, do follow up etc. But the INSTANT the kids come home, it’s a whirlwind of homework, “I’m hungry!”, “I need help on this math problem.”, “MOM, don’t forget to sign my permission slip.”, “Can I play basketball this season?”…. And then, of course, getting them involved in after school activities steps up the crazy level a bit more.

The general rule for us in our house to keep the balance….one activity at a time. Both kids can’t be in something at the same time, otherwise the balanced flow of our life is out of whack and NO ONE is happy. Aidan just did basketball and now 11 year old Ella had a turn to choose. After doing the Sacramento Children’s Chorus Camp this summer, she wanted to sing. Of course, I have actually sort of steered clear of that, not wanting to be THAT mom, you know, the one that pushes and then the child. I wanted her to sing only if she wanted, and she did, so thus THE AUDITION!

Because she watches me prepare constantly for auditions, this girl knew what to do. She knew the process to concentrate, keep a good attitude, breathing techniques to calm the nerves, the whole enchilada! It made me proud! Then we got to the space, she knew the auditioner and knew the song pretty well and was thrilled, not nervous, which was a joy to watch. Entering the audition space she chatted happily with Mrs. Stevens, the conductor of the Sacramento Children’s Chorus, and as the doors closed to the church sanctuary, I could see that Ella was perfectly comfortable and ready to go. I watched for a moment through the glass then continued my conversation with the others I knew from the chorus until I stopped mid sentence. What was that sound? There was a bell like sound coming from the sanctuary. It was a high and easy and BIG sound….was that MY daughter? I had never heard her sing like that before. She’s always quite confident and calm on stage, but this was a whole new experience. Singing warm ups in that range with such ease has never happened in our house. When I asked her about it afterward, she giggled and said, “I guess I just needed that big space to open up!” I know that feeling! 🙂 I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It’s funny as a mom, I learn so much from my kids, but in this instance it will make me a better auditioner. Audition, never with nerves, anxious about the outcome or want for perfection, but with JOY, absolute, unadulterated joy!


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