Morning Magic!

Jul 12, 2022 | Opera Mom

Magic! The wonder of life. My soul needs to remain connected to that, regardless of the craziness happening in life, and the world.
Two things I’ve learned about myself in intentionally fueling a wildly diverse career that shifts from one hat to the next quickly is:
1. I need time in nature to be grounded and quiet. 2. I need SPACE between things to transition my energy and focus.
Transitions between tasks cannot be rushed. COVID reminded of exactly what that means.
I require time to scan what’s happening in my body, be attentive to what I need, so I can in turn be my most present and attentive self to teach, perform, learn and to fully participate in community.
This act of grounding and scanning looks a little different everyday. Morning meditation. Scheduled afternoon walks without my phone. Today, it looked like this, a walking meditation that turned into lying in fragrant clover and watching hundreds and hundreds of dragonflies swirl in front of the wispy clouded backdrop.


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