Carrie Hennessey

“Carrie Hennessey is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful human. As a lifelong instrumentalist finding her singing voice, my expectations of what “sounds good” are through the roof, so you can imagine the frustrations I have experienced. The way Carrie can lighten a situation and get me feeling confident again just amazes me. She has improved my voice and my confidence so much!”

Explore the power of your true voice in the Vocal Studio of Carrie Hennessey. Whether you want to become a professional singer or want to improve while singing in your local choir, all the vocal technique skills explored are transferable to the rest of your life: body alignment for optimum breath control, endurance, and how to align mind and body when under pressure are crucial to good health, to build confidence, and to sing as efficiently as possible with your true voice!

Teaching vocal technique privately and through Master Classes for over 15 years, I have worked with students of all ages and skill levels to achieve their vocal goals. I am currently a professional operatic/classical singer, and have many years experience in a variety of styles like jazz, choral, rock and musical theater. By discovering how you learn best, I can then customize lessons to your individual needs. My style of teaching is fun, enthusiastic and to the point, and my approach to singing is holistic. Singing is good for the body and soul!

I currently teach in the Sacramento area. Please contact me at for rates and availability.


Testimonials from current students:

– As someone who has taken many years off from singing, I am amazed by the progress I’ve made in just a few months of instruction by Carrie Hennessey. Carrie has an uncanny knack for zeroing in on areas of weakness, and quickly brings her students to a place where these issues can easily be remedied. Her style is professional but comfortable. Her demonstrations are directly to the point, and her friendly attitude creates a non threatening environment while exacting the best her students have to offer.

As a music teacher, I am pleased with Carrie’s knowledge, and often bring her lessons back to my classes where my students benefit from her techniques. If you are young and want a strong mentor, Carrie Hennessy is great. If you are older and would like support in re-finding your voice and improving it, once again, Carrie Hennessey can easily help you. -Ginny, Performing Arts Director – August 2012

– Carrie is an outstanding vocal teacher and has taught me many, many techniques for improving my voice and sound production. I had previously taken private voice lessons at several points in my life and I am amazed at how many new things Carrie has taught me. She keeps trying different tricks and approaches until she finds the ones that resonate with the individual student. Every lesson is challenging and fun. Lots of work and lots of laughter! – Jennifer, Dahlgren Communications – August 2012