Who ya gonna call?

Oct 27, 2022 | Opera Mom

I am introspective by nature, but since the pandemic have been even more so. Who am I? I sing, but I am not just a singer/actor/educator. How do I wanna show up for people? What inspires me? Am I listening to “The Calling”? Am I even quiet enough to be able to hear it!?
The answer to that last question had been no, for a while. The hustle had taken hold and I was part of a spiraling number of gigs and students and projects…not that I’m complaining, however I wasn’t entering into these projects with the deliberate intent with which I wanted.
So when I got quiet, the shifts in my life and career clarified. And vastly more terrifying. As I acted and started walking in the new scary things in community, like writing a one woman show about my life, other bigger and scarier things became even MORE clear. It is the community of people around me that hold the container for that fear to have more space for exploration in excitement and curiosity.
Smart creatives don’t go it alone. Yes, we often are alone while creating, but the community around us can be a mirror, pose prodding questions and allow us to see ourselves with new eyes, using a new lens.
I invite you to see the fear as a sign to be curious and reach out to your community. The scary thing is calling you! So, who you gonna call?


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