“A Gesture on the Poem’s Behalf” – Part 2

Oct 1, 2016 | Opera Mom

In September of 2015, I sat at a post show dinner with Matthew Buckman, General Director of Fresno Grand Opera and Townsend Opera. He and I have had a wonderful working relationship since the first show I did with him, The Merry Widow in 2009. We have similar sensibilities about bringing opera to new audiences and making is accessible. We have similar senses of humor which is clear when we are in a room together!  Oh the laughter!

The following conversation with him started as many of our conversations do. Matthew looked at me and said simply, “So, Carrie. Question for you.” Not knowing what he had up his sleeve just after a performance, I replied with curiosity, “Yes, Matthew?”. “How would you like to do a recital with Ricky Ian Gordon?”. Wait. What did he say?!? Did I hear that correctly?!? Did I just finish a weekend of performances and he wants to know if I want to give a recital with my idol composer, Ricky Ian Gordon? Before I could process the actual question posed, I enthusiastically and perhaps semi aggressively answered, “YES! Yes yes yes yes…YEEEESSSSS!”. Matthew howled with laughter and replied, “So Carrie, could you tell me how you really feel?”. Yes. In fact I believe I was quite clear. Poker face is not really in my skill set.

At this moment,  my brain left the rest of the group at the table. All my thoughts zoomed in laser like, not to the possibility of this recital, but the fact that Matthew had asked and already confirmed that Ricky Ian Gordon to come to CA to give a recital. It was happening, and now over dinner, officially I would be singing it. Breathless.


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